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2016 Pinacle MP8 power loss

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I’m driving a 2016 Pinacle with a 505 MP 8 has 341,000 km on it . Works mainly local but does  do some highway runs regularly too, has Dorner a fantastic job till recently . I been driving it for a year now . It has had a check engine light on on my the dash the whole time .  Note I’m just the driver , guys in our shop use all kinds of excuses but apparently they just don’t have the software or plug to hook up to it . Anyway . Truck pulled pretty good till it started to act up a bit over the last month , earlier this week it flashed on screen about needing DPF  device but only did it once not long either .  Funny part is  you can be driving and hit a bump and it will loose power still pull it self and like ad but serious de rating on hp . You can turn a corner and all the sudden it will pull like a raped ape ? I was wondering if it possibly has a bad ground or electric connection somewhere . Bring up diagnostic on the dash everything checks ok .anyone have similar problem ? 

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Obviously this can be many things.

I dont know how this would relate to the One Box DPF/SCR set up you probably have with a 2016. On older models like mine where the units are separate, I know DEF fluid can build in the pipe leading from the DPF to SCR. This build up can form a large rock like substance of odd shape that can change position in pipe as truck moves. So laying still its creating lets say a 30% exhaust blockage, but when moved, the shape now creates a 70% blockage, reducing power.

Turn another corner, or hit another bump, the "Def block" in the pipe rotates and BAM power is restored as now its back to only 30% blockage.

On earlier models, its super easy to check, simply remove the braided flex from the Obama Can (DPF) to the SCR and look inside the SCR. 

Again, I dont know hoe this might relate to a 1 box unit.

Just a thought. Good Luck.

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