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Four Antique trucks and one trailer for sale

Mark Shuttleworth

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My father-in-law collected and fully restored four antique trucks and one trailer.  He wanted me to post them and sell them for him, but he passed away last February before any of them were sold.  Now his estate is selling them and I was put in charge of listing the trucks.  Please contact  or my brother-in-law if you are interested in any or all of the trucks.  My brother-in-law knows a little more about them than I do.  These are located in Tomah Wisconsin and all of them have been started an driven within the last month.  Most have new batteries.

My number: Scott at 612-270-4620.

My brother-in-laws number: Mike at 715-533-0918.

1965 Mack Truck BLT 75$16,000.  This is the yellow truck in the photos.  This has a 711 engine, 13 speed triplex and was a California truck from Shell oil.

1973 Mack Truck R Model$16,000.  This is the blue and tan truck.  This has 237 hp and 5 speed transmission.  

1959 Diamond T sleeper truck model 922 DF$35,000.  262 Cummins, 10 and 3 transmission.  

1968 Peterbuilt model 359$35,000. This has a 350 Cummins and a 10 and 4 transmission.  63" flat top sleeper with new tires.

Trailer $20,000.  Unfortunately I lack the information on this but he loaded one or two of the other trucks and a VW Beetle and drove it to truck shows.  I will get more information if needed.  

DSCF0390 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0385 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0386 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0387 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0388 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0389 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0384 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0391 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0392 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0393 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0394 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0395 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0396 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0397 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0398 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0399 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0400 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0401 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0402 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0403 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0404 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0405 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0406 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0407 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0408 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0373 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0374 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0375 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0376 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0377 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0378 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0379 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0380 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0381 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0382 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0383 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0356 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0357 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0358 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0359 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0360 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0361 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0362 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0363 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0364 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0365 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0366 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0367 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0368 (Medium).JPG

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