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It started with a Cummins NVH-1200 (400 HP) natural aspirated 12 cylinder.  Has a Cummins six under the hood now.  Possibly a KTA.


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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Its probably a 180 hp with no turbo But I am sure somebody could give you more specific information from what I’ve seen in the past most of those Offroad vehicles don’t have much power pretty cool rig though ...Bob

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I believe that was an ex Gerosa Mack It was painted red and black in Portland CT for Marino Crane. Barnhart bought out Marino Crane of Portland CT. This beast had an Identical twin which was also painted red and black in Portland Ct. for Marino Crane.( I witnessed the paint jobs) Not sure where the twin ended up.

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Gerosa had at least one LRVSW (Gerosa 100) and that went to Marino. And the truck shown in the first post ist the old Gerosa unit. Many details are unique to the Gerosa 100. Steps, blinker in the fenders, pusher plate (added by Marino) and many more.

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I looked through my photo archive. I found at least three Units with black chassis and red cab

The Gerosa 100 (Details: pusher plate, additional steps between front fender and bumper, longer stepts on the right side, exhaust behind the cab, rear half fenders, turning light in fenders, two sets of front light, AC and beacon lights on the cab that  were removed) This unit showed up as Marino and later on as Hake

I've got a picture of a second Marino unit. (Details: pusher plate, some kind of oilfilter on the right side between front fender and bumper, name plate on the bumper, twin stacks through the hood) Later this unit has Aycock lettering.

The third unit in this color scheme has the same logo as the second Marino unit but no Marino lettering. I did not find the logo on any other Marino picture. (Details: step plate between front fender and bumper, radiator guard, pusher plate, front light guard, twin stacks through hood, large fuel tank behind the cab)

I've got a picture showing the later two units side by side with Aycock lettering.

Aycock  seems to had another unit (black/orange) showing other details


I've got no picture of an Hallamore unit. But I've got pictures of an Hoffman unit, but these are to bad in quality to see many details (small fuel tank behind the cab). I think this is the later Duffy unit.

Sievers had an LRSW that went to Mack Trailer

That are all LRVSW/LRSW heavy haul units in the US I could find in my picture archive


Hallamore got two Mack M-45SX, one is the ex Gerosa unit.


Gerose had following big Macks: LRVSW (Gerosa 100, later Marino, Hake), M-45Sx (Gerosa 300, later Hallamore 230), M-75SX (Gerosa 400, later Mashburn then Bechtel 4, then went to south america)

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12 hours ago, david wild said:

Don't forget double ugly, I think M70, Link sold it to Jack Hodges, now resides in OK.  

Double Ugly is a M75 that started its working life at Corbett Rigging & Hauling, there it was called Geronimo. After working von Corbett it went to Mashburn and then Bechtel. Several years ago it showed up for sale at Link Heavy Haul. then pictures showed up showing it working again still in orange and black without any lettering. Last picture I have shows with freshly painted red cab. After being sold by Link I lost the track of the orginal trailer that it had since Corbett times.

Some years ago there was a red M70 for sale with an old Hoffman 300t Rogers trailer but with an different dolly as in the orginal configuration. I don't know where this set up came from since I did not find any old pictures showing this truck

And then there ist the Hoffman M100. It also went to Mashburn and Bechtel and since then was parked somewhere in New York. I don't know if it survied hurrican Sandy. Its 600t Talbert landed in Allens Corner behind an Euclid R62 that started its working life with an impressiv 300t Eidal trailer in New Mexico.


Keeping track of the smaller M-Series in Heavy Hauling (M15SX, M32SX and M45SX) is complicated since the amount is a bit higher in comparison to the LR(V)SX, M70SX, M75SX and M100SX.

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