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Fuel filter replacement what are you guys using

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My trucks are 2000 and 2001 e7 rd688s and 690 the filters are in a tight place on the frame 

What or how are you guys using to change them 

I've been just taking the complete mount off the change and put them back but it has to be a easier way to get them off .


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I use either a strap style filter wrench or the right size metal band style. Both of mine hook up to ratchets, so with an extension you are all set.  Come in from between the spring and the frame with the wrench. Turning the wheel helps get a better attack angle. Filter goes out the bottom, it's a bit of a leap frog scenario to get it down and out below the spring.

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I've found the nylon strap style wrenches work really well for low clearance areas. I bought one because they didn't have the chain type I was used to but I needed to get filters changes right then. Haven't bought anything other than the nylon type since.

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