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2015 Pinnacle No codes/No throttle pedal/will not go in gear

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2015 CXU 613 Mdrive would not turn over/crank. Transmission showing low air and no neutral on dash. Repaired air leaks on trans tank. Truck now will show neutral and crank. Went into gear when dash showed N. Now it will not go in gear.  Accelerates sometimes, but most of the time no respopnse. It does change engine tones when it doesn't accelerate. Lightning bolt on, but dash will not show any codes on guarddog or regen. Has OBD connector and can't get tech tool to communicate.  Truck has been sitting about a year. Can't understand why dash will not show any codes and LB still on. If you try and put it in gear, parking light blinks/warning goes off. Borrowed someones obd hd little scanner and it also shows no codes. I'm puzzled as it seems like one issue gets corrected and another pops up. Checked grounds/cables/connectors. Help!!

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Check your brake lights if you have no brake lights you won’t move some times aburnt bulb will screw with the workings 

switches are under the panel near the steering column 

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On 1/14/2019 at 1:46 PM, fjh said:

Don’t think so.

Take it to FJH for him to work on, you bought a truck to keep him in business!! 😋


Only thing I could think of is was it originally an mdrive? Did someone try swapping it in, and never got it running right? But I doubt that's the case, why would you do that to a new truck?..

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M-Drive???  software upgrade.??.. I fixed one of these when I found the wires under the driver side were chaffed through on the frame. look over the fuel tank and see if there is a harness that curl's over the frame, and look for a chaffed or cut wire..  I pulled my hair out on the one I fixed, because I was using a laptop and Impact to diagnose it... I found it buy.... get This..... (Looking)...there is a small/short harness one the tranny that can be replaced. It's  been a few years, but I think it was $135.00...  There are some very smart people here who work on these Swedish truck's everyday..  someone will help you. Welcome to B.M.T.!  Joey..

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