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HELP - Illinois Medical Card

General Ike

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I need some help here.  My organization provides health related services to seniors in Illinois, many of which do not have access to transportation.  As a result, we provide van service, free of charge to those who need it.  Recently, one of our drivers was involved in a MVA through no fault of his own.  He was driving a cutoff van with a bus body on it (think airport rental bus or nursing home van).  These vehicles typically seat 8 or so passengers with the remaining seats removed for wheelchairs (1-3).  The responding officer indicated our driver (who had no passengers on board) was "operating a passenger-carrying vehicle without possessing valid medical certificate".  This being said, in the 7 other states that we operate there is no such requirement to have a medical card as we are not for hire, and we are not engaging in interstate commerce and our vehicles carry less than 15 passengers.

Any thoughts here before I make a dozen or so folks obtain medical cards?

Ed Smith

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In Ohio, we were told that since we cross borders, we need med cars for our 1 ton.  Plus all the other crap that goes along with it, DOT number, etc.   We are just a machine shop, moving our own stuff to vendors.  We now use a 1/2 ton pickup and a little tag trailer to help fly under the radar easier.  Looks less "business like" then a stakebed truck.  So goes the saying "looks like a duck, walks like a duck".....so now we try to be like a mouse!


I guess you need to call your DMV and see what their take on it is(anonymously, being just someone that is looking for basic information).   Maybe the officer is incorrect in his assumption.  Though dealing with DMV might not go so well either?   I think maybe the crossing state lines might have more to do with it then anything?   Just my .02



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Was a ticket/citation issued? If so, was the relevant section of the Illinois MVC cited on the ticket? If not the ticket can be thrown out but that's another story for another time. For now, if a ticket was issued, and the section was cited, you should be able to pull it up on the interwebz. 

If a Citation was not issued and it was more or less a polite warning for you, I would call the Officer and politely ask him to cite the relevant section of the Illinois MVC and verify before you start the hassle of spending money and time getting your people into compliance. 

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I think a lot of the cops are the kids that were picked on in high school and now they on a vengeful power trip.

This cop might have gone to school with the cop that told me I needed a class B CDL to drive a three axle truck and that I could not drive a three axle truck with my class A CDL.

I stumped him by asking if I could drive a car with my class A

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