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Iooking for a oil filter housing for a 673 military engine,I guess there different than a civilian engine? Are these engines all have number 1 bell housings or just mine



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Welcome to the forums.

I wonder if you could just bolt on a filter/oil cooler from a 237?  The cooler connects differently to the top of the filter housing on a 237 so I doubt you could blend them together.  Not sure about the front side of cooler and water pump though.  Would need to see yours to compare.

Being yours is a turbo motor, it should have the same mounting plate layout.  Something to consider.

The cooler on a 237 plugs directly into the filter housing using o-rings.  I don't have a better picture of just the side.



The front of the cooler bolts into the waterpump housing.


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I have bought Military  Mack 673 parts from Memphis Equipment they have a web site . Military Mack 673 came with a military # 2 bell housing

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