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A20 Windshield Gaskets

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Hi all, thanks for allowing me to join the board.  I am at the very tail end of a two year restoration on a '51 A20H and alas, have lost the windshield gasket.  

I still have the J channel that sits on the aluminum frame, but it has sections missing and is rock hard.  I would prefer to use the original glass, and am on the hunt for appropriate weatherstripping.  Has anyone had any luck with this task?


Thank you,


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It has been a while but we ended up finding a source.


Bub Warren in Amarillo owns Diamond T Rubber Co. and mainly supplies remfg rubber products for (you guessed it) Diamond T's.  He has dies for A model windshield gasket and set us enough for 3 trucks.  If was a difficult install but once done the fit was perfect.

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