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I have posted here on other stories - go for the lizard skin, can't go wrong, we have used it extensively and Tylden Heritage here in Aus applies it now to all it's restorations.

It is very easy to apply, water based so no toxic issues, will seal all joints and it is thick as a credit card. Properly applied to all the joints will give you 100% seal and no moisture/water will leak into the cabin. 

Apply it to 100% of all unseen internal panels, under the floor, under the roof, inside the doors and at bottom of inside the doors (but leave holes open for drainage) and under the fenders. You will be surprised of the dense sound of the doors after the lizard skin is applied. Also do the engine side of the fire wall, it will reduce heat penetration in cab and sound as well.

Lizard also make the sound control which is an extra for sound control. If you only have truck for restoration and casual driving then Lizard skin in sufficient.


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