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Hey all.  Looking for some opinions here.  I have owned my 1958 for almost two years now.  I have slowly brought it back to being a fully operational truck.  Last year I did a complete overhaul of the front suspension and now I am working towards the next big issue the END673.  It fires right up all the time even after prolonged periods of storage.  However, it barely has 6psi of oil pressure at idle after heating up, the block has a 8" crack and leaks coolant (only when hot), the engine has been run without the shutterstat for quite some time, the air inlet hose was cracked and let dust and dirt into the engine for who knows how long.  In addition, I have no idea when the last time the valves were adjusted.  Due to the fact that I do not have a garage to work on it in, I am planning on pulling the engine and putting the truck into storage during an overhaul.  I have found a local outfit that has some used engines that I was going to give a call sometime soon to see what they have.  I should mention I have a complete rebuild kit for a Thermodyne so overhauling an engine is not an issue.  Just wanted to get everyone's opinion.  Should I look for a new block and engine?  Is there a better block to start with if I do?  Would there be any issues if I found an ENDT673?  My biggest concern now is if I do nothing that the engine will eventually fail and lead to a bigger repair bill.  The only benefit I see to overhauling another motor is that I can swap it in and continue to enjoy the truck until it is ready.  However, I am also probably taking the original motor out of the truck when I do.  My goal from the moment I bought the truck was to restore it back to the way it left the Mack factory.  I think it is critical to preserve these trucks for future generations to enjoy.  Any input is greatly appreciated on this!

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