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question about my rear brake shoes.

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hello everyone, went to put my spokes and drums on today and they won't go on. they hang up on the new linings. brake cans and slack adjusters aren't on yet. s cams are sitting nice and flat as well as the wear pads on the shoes. my first question is why would the rebuilder put one layer of roofing paper [tar paper] under the shoe? now if i take the linings off and remove that paper the drums will slide on nicely. second question is when and if i remove the linings is there a proper way to put them back on, ie:: tightening sequence and torque specs?? i would be thankful for any help..... tom vb.


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i don't have over sized drums. i have standard brand new drums that i bought from allentown mack. [trans edge]. i'm guessing that means i can remove it and re torque the linings? if so what is the proper way to do so? 

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Are both linings Identical? .........or do they have a leading (thicker) n trailing (thinner) edge?

Thicker edge to CamShaft .......... Thinner edge to anchor pin

Torque ........ Check the torque to undo the nuts

Never ever tried roofing tar paper ........... we use the engine manifold type cardboard gasket material



Twould imagine tar if got hot could smoke n smell n may B settle the lining in further till the tar cooled n acted like glu


wadda eye kno ......... probly SFA

Your Welcome





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I think the brass bolts are a one time use only  they will go on but strip when backed off . years back when bolting on pads the small bolts would self strip the 3/8 or 7/16  bolts on the MACK and Rockwell axles where just broken off with a cross pin hammer.

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