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I'm making a scale model of a Cummins powered RS700. I've noticed that a lot of Cummins powered R models have a lubefiner mounted to the pass side cowl but some don't. I don't want to have a lubefiner on the cowl but I don't know what the oil filter would look like or where it goes on a Cummins. Please forgive my mechanical ignorance! I just tend to copy photos online for this kind of thing but I don't always know what I'm copying or what it does.

Pictures of model attached. The Cummins is meant to be a 270.  Any help appreciated.



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I'm not a Mack expert, but I worked on Cummins and Cat for years. The Luberfiner was an aftermarket piece; you could order it on a new truck but not everyone wanted them. The old 673 Macks had an oil filter that looks very much like a Luberfiner, but the housing is shorter.

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In the picture FreightTrain posted the Oil filters are shown below the turbo charger. Same location on the photo of your model engine.   And yes the external cowl mounted filter/luberfinder seen on some Mack Westerns was an added option.



Lets see more of this model you are building... I really enjoy the detail in your builds. hope all is well


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That is the oil cooler they are attached to, just like a Mack motor(but on the drivers side of motor).

By the looks of your current motor, it has a single oil filter attached to the cooler.    Not sure how accurate you are wanting to make it.



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On ‎03‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 6:09 PM, BillyT said:

Whisky what is the brand name of your model kit? It looks great! I've only built one truck model was a peterbilt! Was many years ago,but I was an adult, I think it was a Revell kit.

Started out as AMT and ERTL with lots of modifications. Back in the 70's and 80's AMT covered all the major US truck brands and some of the lesser ones as well. ERTL did a couple of Macks and a few Internationals.

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