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You can't post that picture!     Your gonna get in trouble!     There is a confederate flag licensee plate on that truck.    Lol.     I'd take it, and the garage with chandeliers.    

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Does anyone know the story on this one? I told my wife if I had this I would never need Viagra, she didn't seem to understand.

489 020.JPG

If I had a blue truck I'd have to name it "Better than Viagra".

Money, sex, and fire; everybody thinks everyone else is getting more than they are!

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That truck has been in Ohio its whole life.  Bought brand new by Bill Leach Sr. from Hartville.  They used to to work a little, but mainly pull in the street class.  Bill passed away a good while back and his grandson John Higginbothom ended up with it and he sold it last year.  Nice, clean, good running truck and its orginal

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