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7 Speed a good choice?

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Hello everyone.

I'm new to the forum I have been reading through and I'm amazed how much information is been shared here. You guys are great.  I have been trying to buy a Mack truck for a while but I didn't have the chance until now. I came across a 2007 Mack Vision conventional sleeper truck with an AC 350 (cxn613) engine setup that really caught my attention until I found out that it has a 7 speed (no splitter, straight 7) transmission. I have never seen this set up before on a road tractor. My concern is whether this truck will be able to pull 80k down the road and especially on hills. Is this engine and 7 speed transmission a good set up? Does it have enough horsepower to pull 80k without issues? Thanks in advance. 

Truck's info:

2007 Mack Vision

Engine: AC350

Tranny: 7 Speed

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