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Looking at an 07 Granite CV713 with the A1 400 motor.  Question is on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) - how dependable/reliable is this motor.  Are there any major issues with them?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Around here , a AI-400 is a little weak for a tri-axle dump. 427  would be minimum but you can skyways bump it to 427/460 later. First look for frame rail cracks around steering boxes  on both sides. Being a 2007 it might have the reinforcement plates already installed. 4.42 or 4.64 gears work best with 24.5 full size tires. If truck has 3.73 or 4.17 gears and your planning on going to tall 24.5's forget it it will mostly always be weak. Take it to a dealer and get the valves adjusted and rocker arm hold down bolts replaced, bolts are prone to failure and usually cause a $5000+ cam job. While there get all software updates in both ecm's updated to latest levels. ( VECU to step 15b).  Expect 5.3 mpg on your best days  it's the norm. Lots of my friends run AI's hard and have little problems and they have 500 to 750,000 miles on them. Just remember it's not a 13, 15 or 16 liter engine, hell i don't think it's really 12 liter as Mack say it is (11. Something liter) . Just don't think is gonna pull like a monster cranked up cat or Cummins. The early  Mack ETECH and CCRS engine (99-03)  had better torque and HP curves and were more forgiving on tire size and gear ratios.  But thanks to the EPA in 2004 we got the AI  (and AC  in the Cx/Cxn /CH /CHN trucks)  engine . The AI is a good engine that at least doesn't have a EGR valve and cooler on it to worry about. 

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