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19 hours ago, james j neiweem said:

Where are the Mack engineers such as Dave McKenna who used to post on the Mack website and Mack 3P who used to post on here. Miss their inputs.:huh:

Real  good Question James ! The Swedes probably ran em off! MACK had some Good people working for em there"s still a few around Think Dave Troupe is still hanging in there in the back ground!

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Dave is still there working on the export side speaking Spanish and learning to enjoy margaritas.

There are still plenty of good engineers in the background slaving away at LVO, HAG, GSO. Much of the focus has been on meeting regulatory requirements and working with shrinking budgets. Yea there is an over abundance of "love" from the Volvo mother ship however, if it wasn't for the hardcore Mack engineers in the US (and there are plenty) Mack would not be able to sell trucks. The foreign engineers don't understand the US market and don't really care. FH 4x2 Extended SCR would be the new CX. Take the chains off the US engineers and Mack could significantly increase it's market share.

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The number of engineers hired and employed by the former Mack Trucks, pre-2000, in the year 2017 must be very small.

The few, like Jerry Warmkessel and Dave McKenna, who have bit their lip under Volvo to preserve their retirement pension, must be close to retirement.

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My father talked to a rep for mack Thursday.  The rep called him to tell him that mack is giving us new grill and growler intakes for our titans that had the peeling issue . My father gave him a piece of his mind about mack . The rep agreed with what with what he told him about how they need to offer more power than 505 and bigger than 13 liters . I guess there is a mack conference in Florida soon and our service dealer is going to have us write our grievances and there going to present them to the powers that be. 

On another note we talked to a peterbilt salesman last week and he says that paccar is pushing them to sell there 13 liter engine over the cummins 15 liter but his customers want the cummins . 


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25 minutes ago, logtruckman said:

:lol: me too 

but I can be there in a couple hours. You would need a passport

Success is only a stones throw away.................................................................for a Palestinian

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