Mike Lavoie

Mack Defense Kerax 8X8

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Good day,

Is there anyone out here that has any information about the air brake system that is going to be installed on the new MACK trucks model Kerax 8X8 that are getting built for the Canadian Forces ?

Schematics of the air brake system would be great!


Thank you.


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Our decision makers are known for their Great decisions! 

Were just Dam lucky to get that unit!

I would have expected them to order up 50000 mountain bikes with machine gun mounts on the handle bars for the guys to use !

Don't forget they did buy the english built subs for our navy!  Some huge Military bargains out there you know! 

OH Wait!!!  We had to part out one  to make the other one  work that's right! So do  we have a SUB! :angry:

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