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Truck Power

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With all the talk of power of trucks, I think any truck maker th@ can cut to the chase n fit huge power with suitable components will win the race

just think out loud here :        ( o )( o )  

Hood yes... big wide grill n radiator to keep the beast cool

1000 - 2000 hp.....................3000 -6000 Ftlb torque .... Jakes to suit

auto diff locks n cross locks

just dial up the power u want... heavy loads on hills =full on

MT travel dial the power down to save on fuel

Deigned for shortest length .... spec to long WB etc

dosn't matter hoo builds the beast....... just sum mob th@ can build wot u want

Sounds to easy

but could B a big demand for the owner driver etc

Nuff of my dream n





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I like your thinking swishy.

But I think most modern drivers will still complain cause the cup holders are not the correct size.

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