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I just purchased a 2010 titan tractor with 605 mp10, bought it from a kw dealer, truck was defined to 585 by previous owner, I bought it and took it to a local Mack dealer and some issues fixed paid by kw, had them bump up back to 605 and address some electrical issues. Got truck back and can't complete one week without a shutdown from the oil pressure sensor, took it back to Mack they replaced the oil pressure sensor checked the gauge oil pressure is good, hit the road same problem, truck shuts off and starts again will run few more miles and repeat it again. Mack can't find anything, I'm thinking about another garage, and possibly a harness swap, anyone with a titan having issues like this? Need to start making money to much downtime, truck has just under 400,000 miles. They also replaced some relief valve associated with the oil pressure.

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Gudday M8

Eye aint much help

I too bought a 2010 Titan from Auction in Australia bout 18 Months ago

620 hp Crummins

Tuch wood = no problems

we shortend the W/B by 6 - 8 feet there were heaps of wires

but instead of cut n  them we bundled  m up .......  so far so good

a good place to start looking is:

Batteries cables n terminals

check Earths from Batttery to chassis - engine-chassis to cab cab to plate where pewter etc is mounted

may be nuther sender in oil up set n the works


Let us all kno whatcha find





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Are you sure there isn't something floating around in the oil gallery behind the pressure sensor and getting pushed up on the gallery and reducing flow?

Maybe try an old style mechanical pressure gauge a few zip ties up in to the cab and see if you are loosing oil pressure when it happens.






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Could be the engine harness we just did one on our 2013 . we never had it not start though. we have 3 Titans so far any electronic issue has been solved quick by our service dealer in Fitzwilliam nh . good luck

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