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Just curious what some of you guys feel a fair price would be for an MH Magnum?  I have an opportunity to buy one that needs restored.  The V8 is gone but, I have one to put in it:)  Thanks in advance.

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2 hours ago, BC Mack said:

don't forget to drop "MH Fred" on this site a note as he is the keeper of records for us MH guys

BC Mack

and I actually know where Madras is...LOL

Just got back from Canada with 2 MH's, loose E9 with Eaton 13sp and parts from Carl. Sorry I did not look you up but it was a marathon run up there. I left Monday at 11am, got back Saturday at 1am and 3341miles later on the Superliner. That was with 21 hours to load, hotel in BC, Border wait and Customs clearance. It was the only time I could get the trucks before he moved out of the farm. Will have photo's posted soon.

As for worth of an MH it is not much past the value of the drive train. Just like Superdog said before, Sad but true most guys get them for parts only. I know of a few that went for less than $3-4K running with E9's. Carl had 7 MH's on the farm, there are 3 left, one whole the other 2 carcass's for scrap, picked clean... Think I am going to keep one and scrap the other.

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