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Fuel Burner Pump Fault?

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2011Mack MD600

Mid128 Psid111 FMI12 Aftertreatment Fuel Burner Pump

SPN 3471 Aftertreatment Fuel Pressure Control Actuator FMI 12 Faulty device or component.

I just replaced the Atomizer due to a Air actuator valve failure code.


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Follow guided diag for FPR fault. The PSID 111 is more than likely set by the same cause as the SPN 3471. Fmi is the same.

If you don't have ptt make sure your fuel lines are connected correctly to the aftertreatment fuel pump and not blocked or collapsed. Outlet pressure is 100psi ish. The spec is only available thru GD.

I believe it is a "smart" component (datalink) but I've never actually had to replace one except due to massive contamination.

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OK, i found the issue. Was the lift pump for the atomizer. It was leaking in side the rail & didnt pressurize the atomizer which in turn made the sensor in the atomizer get a wrong reading & shut the Regen down. New Pump 643.21 & all better.

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I've got 3571, FMI 14, it says "aftertreatment hydrocarbon doser fuel preasure too high" and possible causes are "fuel shut off valve is leaking" 

I had a nasty fuel filter just days ago, look like I had some slimy crap in my fuel. The truck seems hard to start too, almost like a it's loosing prime, the longer it sits, the longer it turns over. Not seeing any fuel leaking though? Where to look?

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