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detroit 4-53 transmission options?

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im gonna build a truck with a detroit 4-53 engine and then i wonder what transmissions that will fit this engine, is it a standard bolt pattern on all the old engines?

ive seen trucks with all kind of combinations engine/transmission wise, so it seems that most boxes will fit most engines, but before i start buying parts i want to make sure what i can buy for the detroit, so please post some info! :-)


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Flywheel housings do have standard SAE bolt patterns that will match to all heavy duty transmissions.  You will want to pay attention to your clutch and flywheel selection because all OEM's have different amounts of clearance.  A Mack 9-spring clutch will probably not fit in any transmission you select.

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my dad had the 4-53's in Inter R - 190's - the trucks had 2 gear boxes, one was the standard 5 speed Inter box with  2 speed diffs and others had 10 speed Road - Ranger, you can have a direct or overdrive box, if you want some extra speed go for the 10 over drive, I do recall that the flywheel housing matched the R/R box, clutch you may need to check . The 4-53 and 10 speed were a great, strong and reliable combination.

Need to get suitable diff - again an R-190 diff or the R - 200 Diffs are strong / powerful diffs.

We recently sold a1965 Inter R-200 with a Cummins 180 turbo motor with a R/R 10 speed overdrive, a 2 speed diff and Page and Page pusher axle, it ran easy 65 mph

What truck are you building?


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4-53 Screamer you are going to need a set of of these 

My brother had one in a IH ACCO with a 10 speed road ranger that thing was loud or maybe Im just not tuff enough LOL




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If the trans. is in good shape, it should be able to take the torque of the Detroits.  You will need to run the numbers to see if a rear axle ratio change is in order for a switch from gas to diesel depending on what you want to do with the truck.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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