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Fuel pump set up  ., injectors  Turbo ,  And timing ! the block  cam and crank don't change except in the land of auz where the cam was tweeked a bit!

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On 4/9/2016 at 5:52 PM, ws721 said:

What is the timing difference?

The simple explanation, more timing advance the higher the HP and higher RPM needed to make it work. Running a lot of timing (19 plus degrees) at 1500-1800 is not good for pistons, rod bearings heads, bent rods and EGT.  Not to mention a few rods airing out engine blocks (throwing a leg out of bed)  Stock timing is 13-17 degrees depending on HP rating and year of production. The lower the timing advance the better the emissions but lack of power but easer on parts.

The old 865/866 ran up to 31 degrees in stock settings. There were a lot of cracked heads, bad bearings, thrown rods and blown head gaskets on them.

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