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So no one want to make aftermarket reproductions? Seems like the demand exists.

I get that on mind myself and see not much of a trouble to fabricate them locally.

But it would have reason to be done as at least 10-20 pieces serie.

No market for them in Russia and I'm not full of an idea of how to ship them overseas. 

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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Lund is out of business. bought out by AVS. Auto ventshade company. The 23 year old pencil pushers behind the desk probably don't see a need to make visors for anything old anymore. you think an R is hard, try finding a B model. I know there is a company by me that could probably make one out of fiberglass if they had one to work with. dunno how legal that would be .....


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I have spoken and emailed the general manger of the company that took over the old Lund company. He told me that through 4 or 5 floods the old moulds for the various Lund big truck, Mack Inter etc, fiberglass visors were lost or destroyed. He said that there was no demand for the Lund fiberglass visors for the big trucks, whereas they do make the fiberglass visors for pick utes, SUV's and the like.

I asked the guy would the company mind or approve someone making copies of the old Lund visors for our use or sale to the old truck restorers, he said they have no objection whatsoever and there would be no legal issues. I did get his approval in writing via email maybe 2 years ago, I will try find the email, to protect ourselves just in case.   

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I know you can still get the pickup ones, but I think they're sold under the name "keystone truck styling" or something like that.

I've just always thought that a truck without a visor looks like it has a receding hairline lol :)

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