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I got a major reality check today,f'n hospital bill showed up in the mail.Needless to say,being self employed my insurance sucks and of course my truck sat 2 weeks so that makes things that much more interesting. I'm putting some stuff up for sale,I need some SERIOUS buyers.Projects and parts trucks,I'm starting out with a few if you see something that is of SERIOUS interest,PM me. I'm not pricing anything,make offer.Unless stated below,these trucks did run when parked.

1957 B65LT,673,10 speed Duplex,air ride tag


1965 B73S, 335 Cummins w/Jake,18 speed Quad.,44k rears ,will sell with or without dump box.From MT.


1953 B20P,no engine.Last I checked it was earliest B20 known in the Gannaway B model Registry.


1976 Brockway 759 cab&chassis,6-71 Detroit,8ll,44k rears on Hendrickson


1960 G73LST,220 Cummins,15 speed Triplex,Mack rears on Page&Page,20" budd wheels,I had this truck running once,but plugged filter,and never tried again.


1971 R685ST,237 runs but has problems,5 speed,very good cab and hood.


B67ST ,673,10 speed Duplex,cut off behind cab,never had running.


1962? B73LS,L cab,262 Cummins,18 speed Quad,34k rears on inverted Camelback,from NV,never had running


1952? LFT sleeper cab,no engine or trans,spring tag,22" spokes,have all body parts.


1985 MH613 Magnum,EMC9-400,T2090,205" w.b.3:65 Macks rears on taperleaf.


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I said before we need to sue Obama personally, he lied and that is not covered on presidential protection, he knew what he said was false and he knew costs would go up and coverage would suck, he is personally liable for what he lied about. but if you file suit his gestapo police will hound you to death, IRS, EPA, DOT and ??? can't get any worse I say go for it.

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I keep trying, I'm still a loser


WRONG-You're not a loser until you STOP trying.



"Remember-ANY Gun Control is Unconstitutional!"
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Mike best wishes to you from across the pond. Some tasty items there. I was particularly smitten by the LFT - I have a LF SW with the same cab (or rather I would have the same cab if my cab had survived). If you wanted to part the truck out and let me have the cab then I am sure that we can come to a decent arrangement!!

Anyway, as I say, the very best wishes to you.

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