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It depends on what type of contracts you are planning on doing. Most municipalities want reliability, so they may have a maximum age for any truck they contract with, particularly if the truck is new to the contract. So I would say the first thing would be to check with your potential employer.

If you are working your own contracts doing parking lots, etc. it comes down to comfort and reliability. You know the drill; when it snows you need to be there now, not 24 hours from now. Break downs are killers for snow movers.

The other consideration is what are you going to do if it doesn't snow. When the weather gets warm is there work for a 40 plus year old truck to pay the bills?

My inclination would be to buy something newer and more reliable and use the money you make to buy the 81 as a hobby truck.

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fix da leaks :)

Ya, I'm getting there. Need to put new seals around the doors. Never really an issue overall, but last couple years I've had to drive it in much cooler weather then usual(in a snow storm last spring), thus you notice the cool air blowing on your arm. The problem with the heater in these trucks is there is no "moderate" setting. All or nothing kinda thing. Low is too low, high is too high. Need to remove the lo/hi switch and put a rotary 3 spd in it with resistor pack from a '70's pickup.

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It is for a municipality. I have a couple loaders on with a town plowing and the superintendent is trying to get me to put some plow trucks on as well. I am hesitant to put a plow on one of my newer 10 wheelers because I don't want the salt eating on my shiny aluminum tanks. I found a running B81 with a plow and I am just curious how outrageous it would be to put the old girl to work.

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My friend plowed for the town and state with Old Macks for years, not sure if the link with show the photo but he had plenty of B models. As long as the heaters were working no real issues

Does he still have the DM in picture 024?

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