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welcome Stina plenty of Scania's and Mack's in this wide brown land I reckon Scania started coming out to Australia in the early 70's and have been used everything from road trains to inner city delivery trucks and are held in fairly high regard

Good looking ride you have got there


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Most mechanical parts is avaylable either from Scania or other suppliers, even some used parts is on the market. Some special parts come from Brazil wher they still use this old trucks.

For the cabin or interior You find, nothing. Fex cylinders to the door lock You have to find old ones, restore and make useable key.

I change the Engine when I restore the truck, unfortunately ther was a water leak from a cylinder lining gasket last Winter so I have to rebild the Engine.

I send some Moore Pictures, from just Before sand blastering, the open Engine and one Picture from when I and my wife is out with the truck and an old Caravan.

I have a special air suspended hitch from US for saving the Caravan, the truck has nearly no rear suspension.

I come her because I was told that Scanias V8 Engine was equal to the Mack V8, I have read her and on other places and understand ther is no or minor parts wich is the same.

I have also som old Volvos with TD122 Engines and to one of those Engines I find Equipment for mounting Jake Brake on the Engine. My idea was if it´s possible to get it on the Scania DS14 as well. I don´t Think it is!

If some one know Jake parts to the Volvo TD120-123 Engine I can be interested, best is if the parts is in Australia because the trucks from ther has 24V Electric system as we have.

Even parts from US is useable, I Think I can handle the Electric issue.

I don´t know if it´s leagal to put up Pictures of the Volvo with in line six her, if You wan´t some, let me know.





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Cool truck you have and nice done resto job!

A friend of mine here in Russia drives relatively old Scania cabover with V8 in it.

He had about 2.5 millions km before the engine rebuild than got the cylinder liner set down and a coolant leak.

Got it rebuilt and made half a million more after that to the moment.

Beautiful environment in your country either!



Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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I have one of those to, but I wasn´t lucky with it. Everything broke, except for the Engine. I sold it just Before one miljon, at that time we was much Moore satisfied with the Volvos. The Volvo on the Picture we use for 1.700.000 km, I have Another one restored wich we used for 2.300.000 km with minor replacements. Today we don´t use Volvo anymoore.




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Welcome to BMT Stina...

very interesting axle arrangement on the F12, I remember that Sweden has higher weights than most of Europe..

in my very early days I was working on the F88 (UK spec 290) and 140... the very first Scania V8's were not very good, unreliable, but it settled in well by the time they introduced the 141. Today the engine is a leader.

like you I am interested in discovering the early relationship between Mack and Scania with V8 technology transfer/sharing.. currently I have a Mack 500hp E9 in my truck but still can't get it to sound like a V8 Scanny... :twothumbsup:

BC Mack

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Yes 140 was the first with V8, it come -69-70. First one or two figures in the model number is the size of the engine. Before the biggest truck was 110 wich has 11 litre in line six Engine and 260 HP. Today the system is different.

The 4-axle Volvo is from -92, with a nomal sized 13,6 m trailer the max legal weight was 56.000 kg. Max load was 38.500 kg wher 12.500 was in the 3,7 meter long box at the truck.

Full loaded ther was no problem with snow and ice! Doubble steering axle!

Engine in the Volvo was TD 123 ES wich also was sold by Volvo in the US. Power was 405 HP.

Today the max weight is 64.000 kg on normal roads, depending of the vehicle length and axel congiguration, max lenght is 24-25,25 meter depending of the trailer construktion.

The Scania was from -91, it was stolen when it was six month old. The driver found his truck in Hamburg, Germany five month later, Then it has Polish license plates. This end up with that a big gang from Poland wich stole trucks and trailers was arrested.

We tok the truck back to Sweden and make it useable again and give it back to the driver with his name on the persoal license plates.

This Scania was a 143 with 400 HP.

Scania 141 was a very good truck for its time, I have a LBS 141 in my workshop wher a slow rebild process ar going.

I have also Another F12 from -90. I bought it new and I am the only owner, we use the truck in my Company for 2.300.000 km wich is very much her in Europé. Today the truck is restored and stored in a garage waiting for to be 30 years old and an "Oldtimer". At that time I will retired and take my wife and the old truck and dicover the parts of the World wher I not have been until that time. Ther is a trailer to the truck wich will be the "mobile home".

This is not much Mack anymoore, but I Think it´s fun to learn what´s happen on different places, it seams that some of You Think the same.







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the UK market for Scania and Volvo grew dramatically when the LB110-260hp and F88-240hp were imported in about 1968, big hp was unknown at that time but some quick thinking companies opened up European and Middle East routes where no UK truck was fit to go.

With the LB140-350hp and later, and much better, LB141-375hp it set a challenge to other truck manufacturers... I think this is the period that Mack may have had some involvement, Scania had sold Mack engines in the past but I'm not exactly sure if the V8 was just a collaboration at a theoretical level or if they had common parts.... others may have better information.

I was in a dealer network that had Volvo trucks in our group and was in the same area of a Scania dealership... so in the mid 70's I had an advantage to see technology far ahead of other UK trucks with wood frame cabs and 150hp Gardner engines... fuel economy and light weight truck = more payload, and that is what drove the manufacturing industry in the UK to its grave.

Nice that you have restored those trucks, before getting my MH I looked into importing a 141 or F89... but the prices were too shocking... but we do have a handful of 143's in N America.

My MH was operated at 63,500kg here in Canada hauling a B train, two trailers... our standard weights are heavier than in the US.

BC Mack


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I also have a 141 wich is in the workshop wher i work on the restauration. The big thing is the inner liner (frame) wich is damaged by rust and must changed. I own and used this truck from 1982-87 in my Company, at that time ther was just one truck so I has driven a lot in it.

Before the 141 I have to 110, one LS witn nose and one LBS wich is tilt cab.

I have been in US a few times on different places and also one time in Canada but just around Lake Ontario.

In Ontario and Michigan I saw big trucks with 11 axles, what´s the max weight for them? I have also seen "Turnpike trains", what´s the dimensions for them?

A few years ago I was invited to a merriage just outside Brampton Ontario. My friend find a nice girl ther and I Went over and visit the ceremoni. The bride had a nice red Dodge wich I buy and she get it to Sweden when she moved here.

I Think next tripp over ther will be from Chicago to the Pacific coast and back to the Atlantic cost in southern Canada.

I have ideas to send over the Volvo and Smart car but I Think it´s cheaper and easyer to rent a car and sleep at hotels...

Picture from the workshop today and from 1987 just Before I sold the truck. And the Canadian Dodge beside a Power mill in Spain on a holiday tripp.





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