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Cool truck!

What do you have the bed for?

Was it with the truck when you purchased it?


This truck was a road tractor but the fifth wheel plate was removed.

The bed was on there when I purchased the truck. I had originally planned on removing it and putting a plate back on but think I'll probably leave it as is.

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I asked just because I have a R-model traktor as a hobby truck and have currently either flatbed installed to move some things.

Your B looks surprizingly nice with that low sided bad.

Might be good to keep it in place and put some frash paint on in the future.

That's always possible to put something onto as a ballast.

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saw that truck for sale. was for sale for a bit. looks like a nice score as others say.

Yea it was listed a couple times. I was surprised no one had bought it sooner. It has the good 673t engine, power steering, added front brakes, etc. Its hard to find a good unmolested B in the Midwest. Most I looked at had been altered with engine swaps, frames cobbled, repaired, and modified. This one seems to be a decent numbers matching original.

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How are the floors? Are they rust free? Which transmission does she have? Looks like a good project. Enjoy

The floor needs attention but thats an easy fix as I have located a couple donor cabs with nice floors. This one has a quadbox, Im still honing my shifting skills with it.

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