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Hello All..

Im installing an Air starter on my 58B61LT and im having problems finding a Air tank to use with it. I have the lines, valve and starter off of a B67 but no tank. Im also not sure what size of a tank i need i am assuming it needs to be rather large to provide enough air volume to crank the engine over if any one knows where to get one from or the size it needs to be etc. help would be appreciated i did check the truck shops in my area but nothing was avaliable



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For some reason I can't get a pic to post in the message section,but if you look in my"Garage" pics,my '58 B-61 boom truck has an air starter and you can see the tank.It's frame mounted behind the left fuel tank and is roughly the size of a 50 gal. fuel tank.

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Did you ever find a tank for your air starter? I checked some salvage yards in the mid atlantic and found some from other makes. Ended up having one built by Buckeye Fabrication in Ohio. Mark

Hey Mark,

Yeah i got one off of a Freightliner temporarily until I was able to get the correct B model one and brackets. Matt Pfahl brought me a B model tank to Gerharts show in 08, didnt get to put it on yet though other troubles had come up, rear, engine etc...

Thanks for checkin though.


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