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Truck Moved Asap

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I was just informed that the RV lot where my truck is stored was purchased by an oil company and I must move my truck asap. The truck is in Ventura, CA and I have found another place in Perris, CA. Who do you recommend that can move an old Mack firetruck that's 26 ft long bumper to bumper? The truck does not run.

Please help me with recommendations if you can.

Another possibility, if someone has a lot where the truck can sit on for a few years closer to Ventura for a reasonable storage fee, I would consider that too.

Thank you.



This plea for help was posted on August 7th and the truck must be off the lot by the end of August.

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Anybody with a 48' or longer drop deck flat trailer can move this truck, provided it rolls.

A typical 48' drop deck has about 38' on the low section of the trailer.

Any Landoll or similar hydraulic trailer will do the job too, albeit probably at a higher rate.

Look for small or independent operators who might want to make some weekend cash.

Trucks today are worth about $100./hr. for custom work, at the low end of the scale.

Check in with local flat load brokers or your local ATHS chapter for references.

Good luck.

Paul Van Scott

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Hey. This is my 1st post on your board :P

I have an old Pete but no trailer. Do you have acess to a trailer?

Another option is Dalton in Fontana. The owner Terry is an old truck nut and may give you a break on the price.

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