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injection timing 94 E7 350.

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well I took my injection pump out to be rebuilt and was wondering what I should time the engine to? I made some upgrades. stage two injectors and turbo upgrade from rochester injection, as well as having the pump turned up at a local injection shop. should I advance the timing to help lower the egts or just set it back to factory specs? thanks guys!!

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With all the upgrades, I would talk to the people that put the package together. They would have better knowledge of what timing makes the combination of new parts work best.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Any time you start to modify and mismatch there is only one way to find the right fuel settingsand timing and that is play with it your self.You need a pryometer and boost gauge even before you start it.I would not advance the timing more than 4 degrees

glenn akers

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