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installing a thermostat?

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I've installed thermostats in pickups and smaller vehicles, but I want to replace mine on my '99 E7. Definitely looks different, will it be easy to figure how to install or is there any tricks? basicly im asking does it go back exactly how it came out? The big hole through the thermostat is why I question the level of difficulty.

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I haven't done one on an e7, but I always put the copper heat sink on the "hot" side. It needs to heat up to cause it to open. I also always make sure that there's a small hole in it to allow the water jacket to purge air out of the block before startup. If it doesn't have one, I drill one.

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Well, for the sake of sounding like the smart ass that I am,sorry, if your working on a 2000 model, that would be an ETech engine and depending on what part of the year it was built, may be a “CCRS”. If her has the uprite thermostat housing, outlet going straight up,takes 1 thermostat and by all means,please put the weep hole to the top, even if you pull old one out and it’s at the bottom or somewhere else. I saw a comment about using scalstic, only if you like digging it out of small fittings and hoses and you do t use the gasket that comes in the new thermostat kit, which, make sure if gasket does cover the check valve(hope it’s a Mack brand) cut hole out and put a new oring in there. E-7 (90-97/8) is done same way. Just thought I would chunk my two cents in the pot!!!! 

And you thought only NASA had rocket scientist!!!!

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