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IThere was a nice article of Orville Manufacturing Co. on Wheels of Time about 8 years ago that explained their operation of making the factory sleepers for most truck manufacturers. Their trademark was the side window that either was the same or close replica from a 1940 Ford Coupe.ATHS has most if not all their back issues online. Maybe you can go to their website and type in Orville Manufacturing. Joe D.

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LJ integral sleeper cab was almost different than a day cab.

It was very close to a H model one (like the front one on the trailer on the pic above).

You can note the difference in heigth of the front windows and the area with water channels above them.

The back wall was also much wider.


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Orville made sleeper cabs for several different truck manufacturers,including (but not limited to) Autocar,Brockway,GMC,Chevrolet,Diamond reo,T,International Harvester and quite a few more........................................Mark

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I wonder if this was one of the first instances of outsourcing for heavy truck body components? The phrase "Body by Fisher" is common with autos, but, besides sleeper components, I haven't heard of too much else associated with trucks beyond the usual. The styling on integrated The styling of Mack sleepers from that era is stupendous.

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