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Hello everyone, I'm looking to see if anyone has a steel nose mack dm for sale.here are the details of what I'm looking for.

Steel nose

Tandom axle

Quad box,triplex,duplex trans

Engine in decent

running order

good title

As far as the rest of the truck goes I want something in decent/fare shap that dose not need a 100% resto. I would't be ready until march to buy the truck because I have to get rid of the b81 that I have so I'm kinda just throwing this out there now. I'm not looking to wast anybody's time ether. If anyone has something similar to what I'm looking for feel free to send a pm. Thanks


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go to commercial truck trader and search 1968 DM607S fuel truck. looks like a decent old truck and not really priced out of line. says it has a 237 and 2 sticks. at Donovans Used Cars in VA.

that's definitely what I'm looking for I'll check it out thanks.
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Rudy,there was a truck like what your talking about down here in Philly sometime ago.It was owned by ABC Construction out of Bensalem PA.We had owned that truck at one time,it was one of our lube truck that we had.

I seen a truck like that on Craig'slist last year but it looked like I seen better days.
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Rudy, your killin me, all the work you have done?? find a doner DM and swap the engine, tranny and rears into the B81 already!

I still need parts I can't find and I found out all 4 of the eagle claws are almost broke, I seen some small cracks before but apon further investigation I don't feel comfortable welding them and driving the truck.
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