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Saw a video on you tube about the world of concrete show. I think they were doing a walk around of the Mack MHD. In the background there was

a yellow mixer with Mack in black letters on the drum. Funny thing was the mixer was a front loader. Anybody know any thing about this. :twothumbsup:

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Must actually be a V---o salesman. Only talked about the "pretty things" of the truck.

Nothing about the motor (Cummins), nothing about the rears, transmission, etc.

But don't worry, if you spill that Big Gulp

what a putz

Success is only a stones throw away.................................................................for a Palestinian

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I guess I'm getting blind on top of deef. I was trying to stop the video but couldn't control the technology. Don't know why they don't have a front discharge mixer. I guess it wouldn't fit on a V_____ chassis.. Don't know why they don't try putting one on a Mack low forward chassis.

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FYI, the Granite in the background with the two-tones (green and sand) cab and the yellow mixer is a GU 714 tandem-tridem belonging to the Candian company Rolling Mix Concrete (operating in Western Canada). It's equipped with a 13 yd London Mixer, rear discharge. Extremely impressive rig!

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