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Hello all,

Got a quick question for you to take a stab at. What is the difference between the Goodyear G177 11.00R X 22 and Goodyear G377 11.00R X 22 tires. It appears that they have identical tread pattern. Are both of these tires still in production? Is there in fact a difference between them? Let me know.


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Hello & 1st I want to say Hi & :WELCOME: to the kennel . Glad to have you here w/ the rest of us :MackLogo: Enthusiast. B)

I cant speak for the G377 Good Year . but the G177 Good Year Waste Hauler lugs are still in production .

The G177 Good Year is all we ran on our dump trucks & our lowboy due to we worked in the mud so much . the only down fall I seen to them on our trucks was they picked up every nail in the landfill . But I understand from a buddy of mine whom I work for some delivering tires for say that Good Year has a G177 Self sealing tire. called the Dura Seal G177 .

I never thought to look it up till this thread but here is a link to the G177 Good Year . http://www.goodyeartrucktires.com/tires/

Hope this helps .


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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