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Firstly, let me start by saying sorry for all of the R model posts - I am new to the brand and am on a steep learning curve in order to get a restoration project done so the truck can go to work.

With that said, can anyone explain how and when updates have been made to the cowl of R model cabs? I am aware of the +3 update but undertsand there was a change to the hood in the mid 80s which makes pre-update hoods incompatible with the post-update models. It seems the change is an extra inch to the hood for the front mounted intercooler. However, it also seems that the extra inch is at the rear of the hood and can be simply cut off to make it fit on pre-update models. If the extra inch is for the intercooler, I don't undertsand why it is at the rear of the hood. Did they move the cab back or change the cowl?

If anyone can explain if there have been different cowls, that would be great. I realise later Superliners and RDs had a straight cowel but I am referring to the more traditional R Models from the 70s and 80s - from the East and West.


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