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Mobile housing?


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They make garages out of them here. Stack them like 3 high on each side and put some rafters on top of them and tin. Then you got a place to put your trucks and parts or whatever in the containers.

My dad wants to build one of those. There a couple of them in town.

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I lived in one in Balad and Talil Iraq! ya know when I was on base anyway.

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Don't know what the going rate is on a container, but I know where a 40' chassis is with a "for sale" sign on it...$1500 is all they are wanting for it. Yeah, I'm tempted. That & a 40' container would make moving a lot simpler...and I could set the container on the ground, run power to it, and have a shop set up in no time when we get wherever it is she wants us to move to. Won't happen for a while yet...but probably in 2-5 years. And if we end up out west in timber country, weld a few log bunks onto the chassis and I'd be ready to get to work...

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