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What engine do I have? (1949 EQX)

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Yep, it runs and drives. I drove it into town yesterday and put fuel in it and took it to the tire shop. The tire guys told me I should go with a set of Budd 22.5 wheels and get some low profile tires. They wind up being about the same overall diameter as the 1100-20's I guess.

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Hi, I am from Cle Elum, Washington. The truck is from Lynden was owned by Bruce Berg. Before him it was owned by a construction firm and had a crane on the back of it.

I went to the ATHS convention in Yakima and met a guy named Tony who told me about a guy named Alfie who had the truck and wanted to sell it.

I have a bunch of the old Power Wagons from the 40's and 50's and always wanted a vintage hauler to start bringing them to the local shows and trailrides. Everybody keeps telling me to convert it to a diesel, but I think the amount I am going to use it (occasionally) I might just as well keep the original gas engine in it.

I also need to come up with a vintage lowboy trailer now obviously!

Its a blast to drive! just need to keep a box of ear plugs handy.

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Way to go, Jonas. Ignore my message to you asking about its history with you. That's all ahead of you. LOL.

I agree with Mike and yarnall about the low profiles. Avoid them but 22.5s will work nicely.

With the engine number and also chassis number (which I need too please!) you'll be able to send off to the Mack Museum for build sheets and the like (be sure to give them a small donation for their trouble). It would be cool if her engine's the original.

Beaut machine, you've done well and it sounds like she's found a great home.

Whatever rubs your buddah.

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