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Well after almost 6 months of wrong parts and several dead part guys I finally got the rears all done painted and installed for the old RS. I think I see light at the end the tunnel finally :whistling: . I really think this is going to be a really nice truck if I ever get it fiished. I hope you guys enjoy.

Thanks, Josh :clock_logo:

Awesome, I'd hate to go home after a day putting those new parts on.

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Looks reallyrealy nice,but you are going to wish you'dhave stretched it out about 5 or 6 feet.One look at that stack of springs and that short wheelbase makes my kidneys hurt.


I actually put in 34,000 lbs. springs like it had, and besides it's going to pull a lowboy mainly and a dump trailer once in a while. Around here it will be perfect. It still rides better than my green B61 that's all streched out with with 44,000 springs.

Thanks, Josh :clock_logo:

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Looks great. Where you able to get a new interior kit or is that the original one?

The guy I bought it from put the interior in it when he bought it in 1989.

Thanks for the comments guys :twothumbsup::SMOKIE-LFT: . Just ordered the new exhaust and battery cables. Also I got all the air tanks and brakes hooked up this week. I might be able to start and move it very very soon :banana: .

Thanks again, Josh :bulldog3:

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yup RS looks really good. nice chatting with Yoos guys haha even for the short time. maybe the B421 will be there next year? was pretty proud of you guys going over that Rs that quick and freshening her up.

Yea, josh I want to congratulate you on how good that truck looked!!!! It's just sweet. Glad to put a face to your name too.

Thanks for the great comments guys. Matt and Vinny, it was really nice to meet both of you in person :twothumbsup: . Sorry I didn't get talk to you guys again but I hope to see you guys next year or even at Gerharts. My brother Ben and I worked our tails off to get the truck done for the show but it was worth it.

Many thanks, Josh :clock_logo::SMOKIE-LFT:

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