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Saw this big Mack truck moving a big load today

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See that old Mack still in use today, hell its older than me, just try that with a new truck and let me know how that goes for ya! HA!

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A "real" Mack in action, clearly demonstrating what made the former Mack Trucks the leading truckmaker in the United States.

An LRVSW prime mover, what an impressive sight.

Duffy Crane & Hauling of Henderson, Colorado. Established 1886.

As Jim Neiweem so states, "The Titan will never be what Mack heavy haul was in the past".


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If you want to see something impressive Hallamore Motor Trans two M-50 working together moving 1000-tons plus  but Chris retired both of them one repainted Gerosa green & white the other just plain white They still have a picture on their web-site of the complete combo workin together and also the new K-wopper re-placement.


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