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I don't think it has enough?

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I drive a 2011 Mack pinnacle 10 speed in the rental industry my company just bought 3 Trail king lowboy trailers that can haul 54,000 do you think this can get the job done

Do you know the engine type, MP7 or MP8? Do you know the HP? Do you know the rear gear ratio? Why don't we have pics of a new Mack to stare at? I don't know why not, if your light weight is 35000-40000# add 54000 and your around 90,000# that's not bad at all. I would think an MP7 405hp would pull it, an MP8 505hp would do better though, it all comes down to gross weight, engine HP/torque and final gearing, knowing the trailer will haul 54k and you have a 10 Speed ain't enough info for a real assessment but the gear steps in a 10 are close enough to haul heavy, closer than a 9spd slightly farther apart than a 13spd.
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