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One last chance on this. An exporter contacted me and if noone on here wants it it will be going over seas. It is a shame to see it go, but hopefully it will get a new lease on life.

1970 R685ST. 237, 5 speed, tandem axle tractor. Had is running a few years ago. Rack is stuck on the fuel pump. Green dash. Cab and doors are very rusty. Hood is good. Only has 4 tires on the rear now. Can send other pictures. $1500.
Also have rusty but running 1975 R685ST. $2500.

Mike Yarnall
610 764 8283

post-7810-0-32183300-1344653269_thumb.jp post-7810-0-76967100-1344653406_thumb.jp post-7810-0-44951100-1344653551_thumb.jp

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I can't deliver it, but Ray could bring it to you. Let me know if you are serious. The exporter wants me to put a fuel pump on it. I don't know how and if I wanted to work on the truck I would not be selling it.


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Theres a used pump on eBay for $450. If I wasn't looking for a B Model this would very tempting... well its still very tempting.

Damn you people with your cheap tempations of Mack ownership...

Email sent to you Mike.

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would like to have that truck myself as i have an excellent cab and 300+ and 10 speed Rr to put into it. just cant afford anymore right now. as of now i have the cab and engine and tranny set up in a single axle 66 R with a bad frame.


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Ok. looked at the map your right on about 6 hr. it is very realistic to get . if you would mind email me i would like to talk on phone if possible. Just to let you know i am not an exporter i actually hate seeing good AMERICAN iron go over seas. thanks again for your time. Jared

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