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What can you guys tell me about these trucks i have never owned a mack before,i am looking at a 1997 CH 613 72 inch condo 454 -18 speed and 40000 mack diffs 417 ratio.the truck is mint one owner from new 900000 miles on it but in the last 75000 he has done the engine ,clutch,turbo front dif and power divider.tranny done 90000 miles ago.and lots of little things.

What are mack 454.s like on fuel say running dry box 80000 lb max and running west coast.

Any advise or thoughts are welcome,

Cheers James :SMOKIE-LFT::SMOKIE-RT::mack1:


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i got a 97 mack ch @ factory 400 hp pulling hopper bottom short haul(45 miles a shot) on hilly back roads all day pullin 80-84K with a fair amout of idling time and i pull a constant 6.4 or better mpg in the summer. I did ad a box to boost power ten or thirty percent at the flip of a switch and been pulling about the same mpg( its been on the high setting for a while now). Id say pulling dry van that the last posts reply is not out of line. When i pulled cattle pot i used to pull off 6.7 and those things pull hard empty. Dont sound like a bad deal.. How much is he asking??????

t2130 trans(25% over dirve) LP 24.5, and 3.87 ratio, 1400 rpm @ 60mph

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