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Five BullDogs looking for a good home and some TLC

Shawn Barrett

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This is B67BullDog,

I am kindly listing these trucks for a fine gentleman I talked to today named Tony Talarico, of Carbondale Pennsylvania. Five B model Macks purchased new by his father from the 50s and 60s. The trucks have been used in the family construction company since he was a young man, they were retired in the mid 90s. Tony is 65 years old now and interested in finding a good home for his beloved B-models.


Contact: Tony Talarico

Talarico Construction

Carbondale PA

Phone: 570 282 3580


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The man knows these trucks like the back of his hand. If you are interested give him a call or leave a message he will be happy to talk to you. He wanted me to post the pics and contact info...so he's expecting the calls, don't be afraid to call if you are interested in what you see. He's not running a junk yard, he doesn't want to part them out he wants to find good homes for full trucks. If I talk to him and can get more specific info on each truck I will, in the mean time...Heres another picture

And furthermore he is a real nice fella, so if you do call....Dont jerk his chain.


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