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5 ton military for sale

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Selling this 5 ton military 6x6. (( Im keeping the wrecker body.)) Cab fenders etc and driveline most go. Good driveline to make a 6x6 B model if you have the time.

I have no way to transport it, but i can help load. Engine has a bad cylinder. Turbochargerd, power steering, trans and transfercase shift good as well as the front axle. Also has a doubled frame.

Firm at $1,500.


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In one way i want to keep it in another i will prob never get around to doing anything with it. I rather see it go to a good home then rot away in my yard. Got that B81 i just got and a hard nose LJSWX to work on along with a 68 Coronet convertible and a 41 Dodge wc.

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Most all of the 5 ton 6x6 M-Series I saw were Cummins powered 855cu.in. 250 HP.They were not multi-fuel. The 2/12 ton were Continental multi-fuel Diesels. They were produced with gas engines in both series but I think about mid 1950'S was the transition period to diesel. I was in service from 1968 to 1972 and only remember diesel tactical trucks 2/12 ton-5 ton. This is just my experience. Joe D.

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It's a early 5 ton. It's a multifuel going to check what engine tomorrow. Deff not a 2 1/2 cause I had one and there alot smaller.

Should be an LDT 465 Continental, (could be labled White, or Hercules Motors depending on production date) inline six if multifuel. Used to be so commonplace in the military but getting expensive to work on now. I have three on gensets, (diesel powered) and they are a fine engine but underrated in the military trucks.

Pretty easy to get another durable 100 horses over the military power rating with different injectors and larger rollers in the "Roosa-Master" pump.


Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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Joe , The 5 tons your talking about are the early through mid 70"s ones with the 250 Cummins, the 800 series trucks. You can also tell the crane on the back is older than the ones built in the 70's with the Cummins.

The one here is a bit older, il bet started its life as a gasser, then rebuilt in the later 60's to Multifuel. They also put Mack Diesels in some instead of the Multifuels during that time on the 5 ton trucks.

All the Deuces were gassres till the rebuild in the 60"s-70"s then became Multifuel's , either, White , Contenental , or Hercules.

Also another places to look is the pass. side dash. Theres plenty of tags on it telling you more.

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