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18 sp Quadraplex to an EN 402

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as long as it is a TRQ77 series and not a TRQ72 series it will bolt right in. might even be the same shifting levers. cannot remember if the auxiliary is the same length under the bolt pod from duplex to quad. i know the smaller TRD77 9 speeds had a different auxiliary shifting lever. should be a direct bolt in, just have the shorten the driveshaft. also some 18 and 20 speed quadboxes in the b models had an extra support that bolted to the back gas tank bracket bolts and a cradle that went under and bolted the the flange between the auxiliary and main boxes. some also had a leaf spring that bolted to the center to support the back of the bigger transmission. all depends on the year. they did away with the leaf spring and used the cradle in the early 60's. , Matt


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