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man thats a beutiful truck but i think more like 20,000,if its all ready to work,,but im not an authority on prices,,just the year would run down the value,of coarse,,and those engines are expensive to fix,,and hard to get parts for...good luck.bob

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might be looking to sell the superliner dont know yet. so im trying to get an idea on value, this trucks noy perfict cause its used every week. v8 18spd, im guessing in the 32 to35000 range, any opinions thanks

That's sharp looking! Wish I could own em all, but already got 4 Superliners. One is an '83 that we have not finished restoring. Bought 2 MH's this summer and I want to build one of those also.
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well i apresate all the interest and i dont want to misslead any one. i know if i sell i have a list now. im kinda spoiled with the big sleeper, i need to go look at an mh again and see if i want to lay down to get dressed again. thanks

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What rears weight and ratio?, what frame, hows thetrans?, whats the weight?..what mpg pulling what? what wheel base?, and what color interior?, how are the doors and cab , wear and rot wise...??

Looks great in your photo.



Keep on keeping on...

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I think I saw you today (thursday) on 81 south near Hazleton pulling a double drop flat around 3:30pm. You don't see too many white superliners like yours. Looks good.

Live every day like it's your last, because one of these days, it will be.

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