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Killed Kenworth

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post-999-1172034661_thumb.jpgpost-999-1172034599_thumb.jpgpost-999-1172034563_thumb.jpgpost-999-1172034516_thumb.jpgpost-999-1172034484_thumb.jpgpost-999-1172034450_thumb.jpgpost-999-1172034399_thumb.jpgI have finally figured out how to get some of my pics on here. This is a KW I was driving while I was waiting on the other :mack1: to get out of the shop so I could start driving it instead of this peice of junk! I wish now that I was at the shop working on the :mack1: myself now, but he needed a driver for that truck that day so I volunteered. The two main leafs broke when the asphalt millings was hung in the front of the bed, then it was (TIMBER) !!!! after that. All I suffered was a twisted knee and the shakes for 2 or 3 hours. That wreck happend at around 5:00 in the morning, and I was back to spreading driveways that afternoon. NO FEAR!


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glad to hear ya are alright :thumb: ive laid a couple of Trucks over myself 1 DM :bulldog1::( & A GMC General w/ 24' Dumptrailer (wind gust @ 45 to 50mph done this 1 in w/ trailer in the air )

(miss that ole jimmy he had a 8V92 SILVER @ 500H.P & A 13SPD BEHIND IT ON WALKINGBEAMS W/ DUALS ) Loved to hear our Jimmy's in a hard pull making the OLE Jimmy motor screamin to ya through the duals .



You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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I've seen them load past the dog house and over the cab shield right onto the hood. most milling crews only have one operating engineer up on top of the miller and i still get a little nervous when i see that he's busy maneuvering around a catch basin or just a couple of boxes. I've pulled away and dumped the load right there in the street a few times when they've neglected to pay attention to loading me properly. spillage over the sideboards not good!! no touch (trimming) loads are the best. milling at night can be dangerous if your not working with a crew that you can trust to load properly and you are both used to each other.

one time in N.Y.city i was on a foundation job about 3 stories below ground level. pulling demolition out to new jersey and this operator was being brutal loading me with a cat 235 excavator with a bucket that was just as wide as the inside of my dump body and so he must have been getting a bonus to load us up to the max and some. let me explain for those of you that aren't aware that for the

most part side boards are not put on a dump body so as to allow more load, they are there for the safety factor so as to not allow any spillage over the sides and to keep the load in the body.

any way he was smashing this material so much so that it took an extra 15 minutes for him to squeeze another bucket of material onto the load now i have to leave up a ramp that allows you no sight left or right

as you proceed up it at an angle, talk about dedicated once you commit to leaving theres no stopping at all

hammer down and keep yer fingers crossed that they got it all clear up out on the street...memories

anyway sorry back to that operator. OK so i did one load and upon getting loaded the second time i asked the operator nicely to go easy with me for general principles. never mind that the port authority is mobile and we even had a scout cause they were mobile between the two tunnels the Lincoln and the Holland.

big fines and some tickets even to the driver. so here's the clincher. this operating engineer goes off on me saying he's the O.E. and i'll take the load that he gives me and thats that. oh boy needless to say

that's all it took for me to walk nicely over to my dump and get in and engage the P.T.O. then also release the air gate and pull up a bit as i raised my body and dumped my load afterwords i told the OE' that now he can do it again properly. so he go ahead and tells me to leave, which i wasn't going to do until some one signed me out for my 8 hrs. and here come the superintendent and blah blah blah i was right the O.E. was wrong and was told so needless to say. sorry for the hijack but it all came to mind

that what alot of us do is not just a job but an adventure.

its a dirty job why do i like it so much?

and life ain't easy,when your fat and greasy

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Yep,can happen to anybody.I unloaded a load of coiled steel in Harrisonburg,Va. on a Thursday evening,called headquarters,they said to go on home,they didn't have any loads.So I did,thinking I'd have A long weekend but they called at A quarter 'til 5 and told me to go to Salem,Va. and load A load of steel bar joists going to Whitehall,Md.Geez-15 minutes 'til beer time,and I gotta go! The usual-be there at 7 AM.Went to Salem and loaded and when I got to the jobsite around 3AM Iwas so tired all I was waiting for was for the wheels to stop turning so I could jump in the bunk.BUT-when I turned in there was A ditch on the right that I didn't see,it wasn't marked or anything,I just felt it when the trailer wheels dropped into it.I came to A very abrupt halt,pushed the clutch in,and the truck just rocked back and forth A couple of times,and I remember thinking,"gee,this sumb*** is gonna turn ov-"...and then it turned over!

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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