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Radnor Fire Company ordered this Hahn in 1981 and was delivered in 1982.

It replaced a 1973 Imperial Pumper which had significant rust issues.

It was ordered with an 8V71 Detroit Diesel, 5 speed Fuller Roadranger and Hale 1000GPM pump.

In 1992 the truck was responding to a emergency when it was struck by a 13000 volt wire in a storm, which caused the right front tire to blow out and shorted out the alternator and various other electrical components and burned the paint where the line struck the truck.

The Hahn was completely repainted and restriped with the latest Radnor Red to match the 1990 E1 pumper. It was a favorite of the engineers at Radnor Fire Company as it was a "REAL" truck with 5 speed Fuller roadranger and was loved by all of the true engineers.

in 1996 it was replaced by a 1996 E1 Pumper and sold to Liverpool Fire Company, where it was put into service the first day and pumped for over 40 hours at a tire fire.

It served Liverpool until 2003 and was then sold to a private collector where it was used a parades and musters in the Maryland area.

I purchased the truck and returned it home back to Radnor.




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Being a Mack man, I was never a fan of the Hahns :). When I was a fireman in DC, that was the majority of the fleet. When DC had severe (and I mean severe) money problems in the 90's, those Hahns (along with miles of bailing wire and bubble gum holding them together) saved that city many times.

Them hummed along nice with the 6V92TA's and had awesome Jake Brakes.

Good luck with that sweet looking rig.

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If it ain't a Mack, it ain't Jack!!!!!! :)

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